Outstanding Alumni Awards - what you need to know before submitting a nomination:

The purpose of the James Cook University Alumni Awards is to recognise graduates of he University and its predecessor institutions who have made an outstanding contribution in their field of endeavor and to the community. This contrition can be at a local, state, national or international.

There are three categories of Outstanding Alumni Awards:

  • Outstanding Alumni - up to two outstanding alumni selected by each of the six Colleges;
  • Outstanding Early Career Alumni - up to one outstanding alumni selected by each of the six Colleges;
  • Chancellor's Outstanding Alumnus Award - chosen from the College winners in the Outstanding Alumni category.

Who can be nominated?

For the purpose of these awards the following definitions apply:

Alumni: Graduates of James Cook University and the Townsville College of Advanced Education and students of the University College of Townsville who graduated from the University of Queensland.

Early Career: Graduates of James Cook University who are aged 35 or  under at 30th June this year.

Nomination process

Please use the nomination form and submit electronically to alumni@jcu.edu.au by close of business 1 April 2019.

Staff and alumni of the University or members of the public are able to nominate eligible candidates for the awards. Self-nomination is acceptable. Nomination of a current staff member will only be considered in extraordinary circumstances. All nominations are confidential.

Selection process for Outstanding Alumni and Outstanding Early Career Alumni

The Office of Engagement will collate the nominations and provide each College Dean  with the names of the nominees, the degree/s conferred by JCU and the basis on which they are nominated. Deans will convene a selection panel to consider nominations for their College. The panel may choose to consider additional College alumni. The panel may ask the Office of Engagement to source further details on nominated alumni to assist with the selection process.

Each College will select up to two College recipients in the Outstanding Alumni Category and up to one College recipient in the Early Career Alumni Category. Deans will seek the Vice Chancellor's advice on their proposed recipients prior to finalising the selection process. After consultation with the Vice-Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor's office will contact the relevant Outstanding Alumni and Early Career Alumni recipients to informally advise them of their selection and provide details of the award ceremony at which their award will be announced and presented. Recipients will be asked to keep the details of their confidential until publicly announced.

Selection process for Chancellor's Outstanding Alumnus Award

Deans will provide details of the College recipients in the Outstanding Alumni category to the Office of Engagement who will advise the Chancellor in a timely fashion. The Office of Engagement will forward to the Chancellor the names of each College recipient, a brief career outline for each College recipient and a synopsis of each College's rationale for its decision.

The Chancellor will select the recipient of the Chancellor's Outstanding Alumni Award and advise the Office of Engagement and Vice-Chancellor of his decision. The Chancellor may be assisted in his deliberations by the Deputy Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

The recipients of the James Cook University Outstanding Alumni Awards will be announced at a function hosted by the Vice-Chancellor in Townsville later in the year. The public announcement of award recipients will be coordinated by the Media and Communications Unit and will be posted on the Alumni website.

Steps to Nominate:

You will need:

  • Nominee's personal and professional details - if you are unsure of nominees' JCU qualification(s) or graduation date(s) - please email alumni@jcu.edu.au for help.
  • Nominator's professional details contact information and relationship (if any) to nominee.
  • Statement in support of nomination
  • CV for nominee (or as much as you can supply)
  • Contact details of a 3rd party who JCU may contact to supply a reference and who is not closely related to the nominee (related = spouse; de facto partner; ex spouse or de facto; child or step child; parent or step-parent' grandparent or step-grandparent; sister or step-sister; brother or step-brother, aunt; uncle; niece; nephew or first cousin).


Nominations must be received by close of business 1st April 2019. You will receive and email acknowledgement of receipt, normal on the next working day.

Nominators to note:

The submission of a nomination in no way implies that the nominee will be selected for a JCU Award. All information provided will be treated in confidence. The selection process will conform to James Cook University privacy policy.

Further information:

Information can be obtained from the Directorate of Advancement, James Cook University

email: alumni@jcu.edu.au