Graduate Walk - Cairns


Graduate Walk

As well as securing a place on the Graduate Walk, your financial support for this project through the James Cook University Alumni Scholarship Fund, provides another lasting legacy.  Funds raised will assist many talented JCU students who face financial, physical and other disadvantages while attending the University.


General Information

  •  Include only graduate's name and year of graduation (in BLOCK letters).  PLEASE NOTE: details of Degrees and Awards cannot be included. 

  • A limit of 20 characters for first names and 20 characters for Family Names has been applied

  • Pavers are in single, double or triple line formats to cater for longer or hyphenated names. All text will be centred.
  • Due to our tropical location pavers will be laid once per year, during the dry season.
  • Initally pavers will be laid on our Townsville and Cairns Campuses only. In the future we expect to extend this project to other JCU locations. As part of the payment process please indicate your preference as to where you would like this paver laid.

Donation Information
$ 400.00
Additional Information
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