How you can give

Donor Suggested Projects

Donors may also suggest projects to be funded. The Director of Advancement works with them to ensure that funded projects are totally in line with University priorities and to ensure that donors are satisfied with the gifts that they make.

Types of Gifts

James Cook University may accept gifts of:

  • cash;
  • shares;
  • securities;
  • debentures;
  • bonds;
  • fully paid up insurance policies where the University is named as the beneficiary;
  • realty including improved and unimproved real estate;
  • personal property such as art, antiques, jewellery, coins and other items of value.

Gifts of Art

The University has an art acquisitions policy and gifts of art should be consistent with that policy. The University accepts gifts of art through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program and donors should consult their own taxation advisers as special conditions may apply. The web site of the Australian Taxation Office supplies detailed information relating to gifts to nonprofit organisations and donors may find this site helpful for addressing a wide range of their queries.

Ways of Giving

James Cook University operates a number of fundraising campaigns including the Annual Appeal, a Major Gifts Program, a Bequests Program and, from time to time, Capital Campaigns.

Donors may choose to make gifts:

  • regularly, such as through workplace giving programs and payroll deductions;
  • on more or more occasions each year via the Annual Appeal;
  • as one-off gifts, such as via major Gifts Programs;
  • via Capital Campaigns;
  • as bequests in wills;
  • from their private charitable trusts, such as from a Prescribed Private Fund;
  • as a combination of any of the above ways.

Levels of Giving

Except in the case of publicised appeals, donors are asked to discuss gifts with the Director of Advancement ( before making them. This will help donors to ensure that the proposed gifts comply with University needs and regulations and to ensure that they may be used for the purposes at the University that the donor wishes.

The Director of Advancement will also advise on the levels of gifts required to fund or endow needs such as scholarships and academic positions.