International  Workshop: Symbiotic Copepoda

See ourwebsite:   https://sites.google.com/site/iwosc2016/ 

Seven day workshop including lab and field activites on Heron Island Research Station


When:  10-16 July 2016

Where:   Heron Island, Queensland

Costs:  Full Registration $950 per person (including GST)

Full Registration with optional snorkel gear (wetsuit, fins, mask and snorkel)* $1016 per person (incl GST)
Full Registration includes transfers from Gladstone airport to Heron Island and return by catamaran, meal costs, accommodation and bench fees

We have arranged a group booking for the catamaran transfer which is generously sponsored by The Australian Society for Parasitology (i.e. $220 discount per person).  You will need to be at the check-in desk at the Gladstone Marina by 1 pm on Sunday 10th July 2016 to hand over your luggage, receive further instructions from the catamaran staff and obtain the required boarding pass. If you miss the catamaran you will have to cover the cost of a single trip ticket to the island on Monday the 11th and will miss a full day of the workshop. For more details about travel, please see the 3rd IWOSC website 

*If you plan to snorkel, you will need to complete a medical declaration form at the Heron island Research Station prior to engaging in any snorkelling activity.  If you choose to bring your own equipment, please choose 'Full registration' only



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begins Sunday 10 July
Venue: Heron Island Queensland Australia
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A medical declaration form will need to be completed at the Research Station prior to engaging in any snorkeling activity.
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Symbiotic Copepoda - International Workshop:
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