Surgical Research Fund

The Surgical Research Fund - James Cook University Cairns Campus

Established in 2014, from generous donations provided by local surgeons interested in promoting surgical research in Far North Queensland

The fund will promote and encourage undergraduate and postgraduate surgical research in Cairns and Far North Queensland.  It will be used to provide financial support to eligible applicants to undertake research in surgery or fields relevant to surgical practice. Funds may be awarded to cover costs including salaries, data gathering, conferences and seminars, equipment, consumables or other reasonable items of expenditure.  Surgical research has a rich history and has informed surgical practice for generations. By providing funding opportunities, it is hoped that researchers in collaboration with a major university with its discipline, infrastructure and ethical attributes will be able to inform and guide surgical practice.  James Cook University has established a reputation for excellence in health research in Australia. The partnership of the Surgical Research Fund and James Cook University will allow the development of innovation and excellence in surgical care and delivery in both the public and private sectors.  We invite you to join us in this endeavour to help our graduates, steeped in the disciplines of ethics and research, to continue to provide service and leadership to the people of Far North Queensland and the wider tropics. Many of the contemporary advances in surgical practice have been made possible through research supported by funding provided by generous donors. Supporters of the fund can demonstrate their commitment by acknowledging this initiative in their promotional material.


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