Are you a JCU graduate who

  • is keen to stay in touch with University friends?
  • wants the opportunity to network with peers?
  • knows the value in being in touch with the latest professional trends and developments
  • knows the value in having a prestigious degree
  • likes participating in and arranging the occasional event
  • is willing to put some time into meaningful voluntary work

Then being an active participant in a working group to set up Graduate/Alumni Network might be just the thing to get your teeth into!

Starting an alumni Network 

It takes just 3 like minded graduates and a JCU staff member (to provide support) to start the formation of a 'Network' based on either geographical location, or on a subject, discipline or professional interest. 

You can: 

  • support alumni who whish to keep in touch with each other
  • foster an active interest in James Cook University across your constituent group
  • organise professional, networking and social activities for your network
  • promote University based continuing professional education opportunities for alumni
  • communicate alumni views, needs and interests to the University
  • play an active part in mentoring programs for undergraduates
  • administer a messaging group/bulletin board to enable alumni to keep in touch with each other despite geographical boundaries
  • mobilise alumni to support the University (for example, advising prospective students about aspects of study or life on campus, or by contributing to scholarships and other philanthropic activities) 
  • offer voluntary assistance to the University with organising events and reunions
  • represent the University at profiling and recruitment functions 

What you need to start an Alumni Network

To establish a new alumni network, you must first: 

  • contact the Office of Engagement for more information at or +61 7 4781 5486 as they will help with all the other steps listed below. 
  • ensure that there are a core number of interested individuals, usually 3. The minimum number required differs according to certain variables, the Office of Engagement will help and advise. 
  • have support form the JCU staff member as this will assist with securing contacts valuable for the professional development of members in the group. 

Next Step

  • the Office of Engagement will provide a list of like minded individuals who have expressed a similar interest, or live in the same area, or are part of the same professional/discipline cohort.
  • draft an email and a letter setting out your interests - The Office of Engagement will then send this out for you and send you all the replies.
  • whether physically at a meeting, or virtually, start to sound out the keen responders and see where their interests lay (social, networking, professional etc.) 
  • organise an initial get together with a clear focus, it could be a social meeting, a professional speaker, or meeting together at a third party function (such as a regional professional conference)

Once you have, in a small group, organised a couple of start-up functions you may want to grow a little bigger and more adventurous and.... 

  • form a committee to provide focus and direction for the group
  • determine what the AIMS and GOALS of the group are, i.e. professional development, mentoring undergraduates, fundraising for university projects, community involvement etc. These goals and aims are generated by the group however the Office of Engagement is available to assists in brainstorming ideas in the initial stages of network development
  • decide on a structure for meetings, timing, location, content for all members to agree upon thus creating ownership of the group and its functions by all
  • consider timing of social events, networking opportunities that maximise value to network members
  • have plan of how to promote your network and recruit volunteers. The Office of Engagement can show you how to utilise the current JCU network management facility. For more information email or call +61 7 4781 5486

By encouraging the development of networks, the University aims to provide alumni with a vehicle by which they can use their special skills and knowledge, network, give back to the institution, preserve and upgrade the standing of their degree/s and  make a difference to the experience of life long learning for many.