Arnold- Peter
Dr. Peter William Arnold (1949-2006)


Dr. Peter Arnold passed away suddenly at the age of 56, on March 7, 2006. Peter possessed an exceptional knowledge of marine mammals and marine biology,  and actively participated in a variety of projects through his various roles with James Cook University and the Museum of Tropical Queensland. He was loved,  respected, and admired by family,  friends,  and colleagues for his kindness, generosity,  humility,  dedication to his work, and eagerness to help at any time. Those who knew Peter remember him affectionately as a special individual, modest, with brilliant intellect: a true gentleman.

Peter was the lead investigator in the recent discovery of the Australian snubfin dolphin,  Orcaella heinsohni,  and was dedicated to marine mammal research and conservation efforts. His primary interests were inshore dolphins and dwarf minke whales.

This memorial fund will be used to support inshore dolphin research along the Queensland and Northern Territory coasts,  with a particular focus on projects that will contribute to an assessment of the status of the Australian snubfin dolphin. 

 Read more about Peter in Memoirs of the Queensland Museum (Vol 52: Part 1)

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