Outstanding Alumni for 2012

 Winners for 2012 Outstanding Alumni

Most of the Award Recipients for 2012

Outstanding Early Career Alumni


Ms Winsome Denyer   Ms Diane Ruhl  Dr Ali Drummond   Dr Mariana Fuentes

             Ms Winsome Denyer       Ms Diane Ruhl                  Mr Ali Drummond          Dr Mariana Fuentes


Outstanding Alumni Faculty Winners


Professor Clive Moore     Mrs Judith Ketchell     Mr Bill Mitchell

                         Professor Clive Moore            Mrs Judith Ketchell            Mr Bill Mitchell


Associate Professor Ngiare Brown       Mr Traven Lea       Professor Ian Mackinnon       Dr Richard Smith            

    Dr Ngiare Brown                   Mr Traven Lea          Professor Ian Mackinnon          Dr Richard Smith


Chancellor's Outstanding Alumnus

Dr Rose Evaster-Aderolili

Dr Rose Evaster-Aderolili


We congratulate the winners