Alumni volunteers

The value of 'giving back' to James Cook University as an alumni by sharing your time, knowledge or expertise in specific fields is difficult to quantify.

The team from the Alumni office can sometimes call for volunteers to assist us across a few key areas.

We host events across the globe and at times will call on volunteers to assist in hosting things from book launches to World Cycling and Open days across JCU and also representing JCU at student recruitment activities around the globe. At times we may ask for testimonials on your time at JCU and also life after. This forms a valuable resource to provide to our prospective International students to assist them in making the huge decision to study abroad.

JCU does have some mentoring programs and these provide current students with a valuable insight into work after study and also the opportunity to build professional networks.

Assisting at local graduation ceremonies and at peak or project times, some basic office administration or graduation related activities.

Graduation Ceremonies in Cairns and Townsville are normally run every March/April and again in December in both locations. We  offer an early collection the week leading up to each Ceremony in order to reduce congestion on the day and will call for assistance prior to the nominated days as we need a hand to show graduating students how the regalia is to be worn etc. as well as on the days of each ceremony. We assist those who need assistance with their regalia.

If you would like to volunteer your time with Alumni activities, please email and let the team know.

There are quite a few other areas around JCU that seek volunteers as well if you are interested,  Click here  to find out more.