While the University encourages those wishing to form a network to 'keep it simple and low maintanence' (see page Starting an Alumni Network) in some countries there is an obligation to have the network as a formal registered entity. This may mean that you need to keep two sets of personal contact details up-to-date, with JCU Alumni Central,(link here this website - open in a new page) and with your local network too.

Geographically Based:

Cairns: Regular events are held on campus and everyone on the database with a Cairns region postcode will receive email notifications. If you are a regular to Cairns, mail alumni@jcu.edu.au and ask to be put on the Cairns event database list.

New England/Boston USA: There is a lively informal network based out of Boston, they have a Facebook page and organise a couple of events every year including the Annual Corn Hole Tournament in the fall.

Papua New Guinea: A group of alumni are in the process of establishing a formal structure, but in the meantime they work with the Alumni Office to hold events. If you are in PNG check that your details are up to date (LINK HERE) or in PNG for a short visit, email damien.watson@jcu.edu.au to be included in the invitations.

Singapore: There is a formal incorporated network in Singapore who operate via a virtual clubhouse and facebook. Make sure your details are up-to-date (LINK HERE) then click here - find 'Be a Member' tab, and follow the prompts from there. Any problems email hello@jcusaa.sg

Townsville: Regular events are held on campus and everyone on the database with a Townsville region postcode will receive a email notifications. If you are a regular visitor to Townsville, email alumni@jcu.edu.au and ask to be put on the Townsville event database list.  

Events are held on an occasional basis in many other cities worldwide so keep your details up to date CLICK HERE and we will keep your posted.

Subject/Interest Based:

JCU Rugby: Text coming

University Halls Founding and Early Years Residents: Following a successful 50th 'Golden Jubilee of Uni Halls' Reunion in July 2017, this group are staying in touch and trying to find others from the early years via Facebook. They have vowed to meet again on campus during the 50th Anniversary of JCU itself in 2020.

Nursing Aurora Group: (The first year to graduate in 1992) Following a successful 25th Celebration in September 2017 - this group have also pledged to stay in touch and find others. Click here for their Facebook page.