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Creating Futures, 2017 The Novotel, Lami Bay, Suva Fiji

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Since 2003 Creating Futures has been the Australasia’s premier conference for the exchange of ideas and experience between researchers, practitioners, innovators and consumers passionate about the intersecting spaces of mental health, public health, community development, human rights and cultural studies. The seventh in the series, CF17 will again have Professor Ernest Hunter as the Conference Convenor in partnership with the Fijian Ministry of Health. CF17 is designed to address the needs of delegates from Fiji and the Western Pacific.

Plenary speakers include (more to be announced soon)

Inga Peterson, University of Kwazulu-Natal

Rahul Shidaye, Sangath

Abhijit Nadkarni, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Fiona Charlson, QLD Centre for Mental Health Research

Allan Dale, James Cook University


In addition to plenaries there will be around 32 workshops conducted by experts from Australia in collaboration with Fijian colleagues.

The Conference expects to attract around 200 attendees. Although, most of the conference delegates will be nominated by the Fijian Ministry of Health (MoH) we will offer 20 places for paid registration to help cover the costs. Registration will be on first in first served basis.

When: 18-21 September, 2017
Where: The Novotel, Lami Bay, Suva Fiji
Cost: $990 AUD

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Similar to CF15 this conference will again have a Leadership in Mental Health course running throughout the program.

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Monday 18 September
Venue: Holiday Inn, Suva Fiji
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