The 2014 Outstanding Alumni Awards

Outstanding Alumni Group


L to R:  Daniel Christie, Sam Goodwin, Gracelyn Smallwood, Andrea Ambrosio, Natalie James, Sarah Douglass, Colin Grant, Jeffrey Ayton

Absent:  Katherine Bode, Paul Amato, George Peever and David Peever



 Outstanding Early Career Alumni Recipients 

   Andrea Ambrosio    Dr Katherine Bode    Sam Goodwin   Sarah Douglass    
 Andrea Ambrosio  Katherine Bode  Sam Goodwin  Sarah Douglass


Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients

George Peever      Prof Paul Amato       Colin Grant 1    David Peever
 George Peever  Paul Amato  Colin Grant  David Peever


Daniel Christie      Natalie James      Prof Gracelyn Smallwood
 Daniel Christie Natalie James Gracelyn Smallwood


The Chancellor's Award Recipient

 Jeffrey Ayton
 Jeffrey Ayton
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